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About Us

Lam Dung Corporation, is a corporation LAM DUNGCO there are many companies including:

1 - Lam Dung Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing food processing vegetables canned by the United States issued FDA multiple certificates on the U.S. market. Address plant located at Lot C II - 5 SaDec Industrial Zone, Dong Thap Province.

2-Lam Dung City Ltd. Address: 628/11 Hau Giang Ward 12 District 06 City industries: professional and construction of industrial buildings, bridges, roads, electricity, water supply systems and building civil and specialist equipment rental construction.

3 - Private Corporation in Soc Trang Dung Lam, Soc Trang Province People's Committee has issued investment licenses and grant of land with planning decision 1 / 500 Phuoc Tho industrial zone. Lam Dung Corporation is investor and on 30/10/2010 the Company has started construction of industrial projects Phuoc Tho, My Phuoc Commune, My Tu District, Soc Trang Province. Total land the company has is 110Ha, which includes the processing plant, hatchery fish, aquaculture areas, housing workers. Capital infrastructure investment for the term factory 19.9 Ha is: 3.8 million USD.

I-                    Plant processing frozen seafood with a construction area: 40.000m2, located in Lot I Phuoc Tho industrial zone, capital construction investment is U.S. $ 6 million, the processing capacity: 25,000 tons / year finished products of all kinds. Working capital of about 8 million USD.

II-                  Factory processing canned foods and plastic film packaging graft, packaging paper, carton, located in Lot II Phuoc Tho industrial zone. Area ​​13.200m2, capital construction investment is 2.8 million USDA production capacity of 50 million package kinds processed and production: 10,000 tons / year, vegetable, canned fruit. Initiative aims to provide self packaging for factories in the Industrial.

III-                Plant processing of aquatic foods, located at Lot III Phuoc Tho industrial zone, area: 32.00m2, capital construction investment: 4.5 million USD. Production capacity: 120,000 tons / year of aquatic foods types.

IV-              IV-The aquatic nursery highly technical and pond fish nursery, estimated breeding Ca Tra super meat and prawn all male seed to provide seed for aquaculture areas in Phuoc Tho industrial zone, area: 12 ha of land, capital construction investment is 1.2 million USD.

V-                The land aquaculture in the face area: 81ha of land divided into 100 aquaculture ponds, to be provided: 36,000 tons / year of fish materials of all kinds, to supply plant material for freezing in the industrial, construction investment is 8.5 million USD, working capital is 15 million USD.


Phuoc Tho industrial zone self actively seeds fish, self-sufficient for fisheries and aquaculture areas itself provides raw materials for processing plants frozen food self-aquatic activities, self-contained package to the stage finished products for export, sales forecast: 150 million USD / year.


Calling for investment and joint venture with the partners foreign and domestic:

1 - Corporation Lam Dung is ready to admit founding shareholders to raise capital, the company registered capital of 60 billion VND.

2 - Joint venture associated with the factory farming and frozen seafood, fish feed factories such as:


A) The culture linked to outside the processing plant and frozen fish foods processing plant in the industrial fisheries, foods for aquatic plants provide food and raw material procurement to aquatic production.

(B) The breeding areas, processed plants, frozen fish food processing industrial park outside the capital can contribute to each project to the plant's active ingredients for input or output products v . v.


3 - Joint venture links the whole project Phuoc Tho industrial terms with the form the partnership has financial and technical, but the company land abuse. Or each small project cooperation in industrial clusters, the form of profit sharing under the agreement and cooperation can time up to 49 years.

4 - Joint venture investment in the form of loans or lease financing, the interest rate agreement.


If you want to find out more information and discuss joint venture investment, please contact our company as follows:


Corporation Lam Dung, address: No. 76 Road No. 02 Tran Hung Dao residential area, Soc Trang city,  Soc Trang Province .

Telephone: 84792461471            Fax: 84792461472


Or phone : 0982825454    meet : Mr. Lam Dung

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